Side by side with Aerosmith

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> The real test will be Japan.
> Side-by-side with Aerosmith.
> I'm no Aerosmith fan, but they *are* the only 60's/70's band that really
> has crossed the generation line into "today's" music scene.  MTV
> darlings, they are.
> If they (The Who) kick Aerosmith's ass off the stage, the sky is the
> limit.

I recently went to an Aerosmith concert, and it will be quite a test for The 
Who.  As far as pure rock performances go, The Who wins hands down.  BUT, 
Aerosmith have all those bells and whistles and a lunatic Steven Tyler who dresses 
in wild clothes, runs around with those streamers on the mic stand and swings 
on trapezes.  Real music fans will prefer The Who, but the average concert 
goer is just there for entertainment, and without John and Keith, Aerosmith will 
be perceived as wilder.  Hopefully the sustance of The Who will convince the 
crowd of what we know to be the truth.


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