Sticks In The Air / Pino ? Quadrophenia etc

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Tue Jun 15 14:54:43 CDT 2004

> Problem is, they *don't* form randomly


It’s either random or guided. And you’re ignoring the
fact that a single isolated incident is one thing…to
have it happening all over the planet at the same time
is beyond any odds. And that would have had to have
Put it all together and it spells “mother.” Or, at
least, the odds are that it does.

> The existence of very complicated amino acids,
cells, animals etc. is not proof of a 
supervising intelligence or an unknown process putting
them all together.

Not proof, no, but damned compelling evidence. And I
believe we're talking beyond "very complicated" when
we're talking about 1 followed by a google of zeroes.

> People who make those...."the odds
are against it"....statements are uninformed about
probability, selection, & the role of environment in
evolutionary theory.


Nice rationalization. Doesn't change any facts,

I have nothing to add to this conversation about the
deeper meanings 


Ah, C’mon! Go for it!

> I always saw them as pinball fans who really
weren't interested in the personal journey.

THERE you go! Yeah, they’re caught up in the celebrity
rather than the substance of Tommy. Much like with a
Rock star, which I’m sure Pete intended.

> deaf, dumb and blind champion. It was also the last
element of the story
added by Pete, was it not, and in a way the most
prophetic and autobiographical. 

Um, I don't know. Perhaps. Where did you read/hear
this? I'd like to see more of that.

> That is the delicate roll to be
played only by the mentor, the teacher, the guide who
understands the subtle
difference between opening doors and closing them.

Clearly Tommy (having been isolated) had no idea about
society as it stood when he began to teach. He knew
nothing, for instance, about day-to-day distractions
like working. Why not devote all your time to raising
your consciousness?

> Well, if you can sway the opinions of Who fans, you
shouldn't have any trouble getting your candidate


Unfortunately they took the safest choice. Ah, well,
anyone's better than what we have now. Anybody.

> For me, the problem wasn't the extra instruments
layered over the
band.  It was actually how busy Moon and Entwistle

I was used to that already, LAL for instance.

> I guess I just never
realized that *you're* the one that convinced them!

Not me, us. I'm willing to accept a small portion of
the credit, you KNOW how well I can argue my point,
but it's really a group effort.

> Another hit and run political swipe,


That was no "swipe," it IS a fact. His actions will
resound (and not well for the US) for decades. Be
couragous enough to accept the truth about him.

> Good point.


You really DON'T ever learn! It's amazing! Once again
you show your inability to deal with reality. Your
response of choice: an insult. How utterly pathetic.

"[T]he best way to find these terrorists who hide in
holes is to get people coming forth to describe the
location of the hole, is to give clues and data."
        George "Mc and Gregg support me" Bush

Cheers         ML

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