hit and run polotics

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Tue Jun 15 13:12:05 CDT 2004

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> >"And there's purpose and worth to
> >each and every life,"    Ronald 
> >Reagan
> Too bad his was to fund and arm Osama bin Laden and
> Saddam Hussein, enabling our two greatest enemies.

Another hit and run political swipe, knowing that we aren't supposed to 
respond and turn the list into a politcal forum.  Those who agree remain 
while anyone who engages the argument gets torn apart for politicizing the 
How courageous you are.        Mc
Good point.  It seems the high and might Marcus Surrealius has trouble with 
the simple concept of rules!  In his world they pertain to those of us and not 
him I guess.  And rest assured his swipe does not tell the complete story 

Hey Marcus - can you obey the list rules once in your life??????

Greg Biggs

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