Sticks In The Air / Pino ? Quadrophenia etc

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Jun 14 19:05:22 CDT 2004

> Why is this?  Why is there so much misunderstanding.
> Can't god make his message loud and clear so that even
> thick people get it without fucking it up.

Hint:  It's the same reason Bigfoot remains so mysterious.

> I just don't have proof of what makes some uncanny and as-yet 
> unexplainable things possible.   I'm willing to wait for evidence 
> before assigning them to a *divine* category.

Smell that?  That's the smell of a rational man......  (who may need 
a shower.)  


> So why is Pete apparently seeking throughout his body of work,
> and can we infer that Pete continues to seek to this day?

Pete's human & humans want to know.  Jon sees this as evidence
of a higher being; I see it as evidence of man's higher intelligence 
gained throughout hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

I'm sure Pete is still seeking.  Our complicated lives will always 
make us ask questions.  We, like other animals, explore our sur-
roundings.  The universe is our surroundings......looking at the big
picture, that is.

As an atheist, I'm not finished seeking, either.  There's plenty left
to learn about the universe.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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