Sticks In The Air / Pino ? Quadrophenia

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Jun 14 18:45:51 CDT 2004

> > > Anyway, I've always heard Quad refered to as the
> > > "Who fan's favorite album."
> >
> > I'm talking about over 10 years ago. Probably more
> > like 15. I don't recall exactly when I first hit the
> > Who areas of the Internet.
> Me too.  More like 20-25.  It was represented as, the masses might like
> Who's Next or Tommy, but *real* Who fans prefer Quad. 

Old story:  I remember going to see Entwistle play at a small club in Cleveland
in 1988 & before the club doors opened, we gathered Who freaks each divulged
our favorite Who album & by far the majority of the responses was QUADRO-

- SCHRADE in Akron

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