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Mon Jun 14 16:35:34 CDT 2004

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> > Are you saying that in a cause and effect kind of
> > way?
> John:

Yes, Mike?

> Yes, I believe so.

Well, if you can sway the opinions of Who fans, you shouldn't have any
trouble getting your candidate elected!

> I think the reason I "got it"
> so quickly is my first listen (December 27th, 1973, I
> got it for Xmas) was on headphones.

Could be.  For me, the problem wasn't the extra instruments layered over the
band.  It was actually how busy Moon and Entwistle were.  I mean, they just
don't stop for the whole album.  Once I got comfortable with that I realized
I was listening to two of the greatest performances ever laid down on a rock

> > Anyway, I've always heard Quad refered to as the
> > "Who fan's favorite album."
> I'm talking about over 10 years ago. Probably more
> like 15. I don't recall exactly when I first hit the
> Who areas of the Internet.

Me too.  More like 20-25.  It was represented as, the masses might like
Who's Next or Tommy, but *real* Who fans prefer Quad.  I guess I just never
realized that *you're* the one that convinced them!

Jim M (who's just kidding Mark about sounding a little self-congratulatory)

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