Jim M petenotped at
Mon Jun 14 13:48:17 CDT 2004

> >I'm sure there were plenty of others who found the way John's sound
> >had gone too harsh, trebly and metallic unappetising. I was SOO pleased
> >the Watford show in 2002 that John had got back to a fuller, bassier
> >sound.
> First I had heard about this complaint, but I can see where you're
> coming from.

John, Kevin, Dereck...

That's the clarification I was looking for, too.  I didn't see the band in
99/00, but I did have similar thoughts about John's sound on the RAH DVD
and, to a lesser extent, Blues to the Bush.  You're right, it is too harsh
and metalic.  When Dereck called it trebly, though, that sounded more like a
comparison of John's vs. Pino's playing styles to me.  The way he played a
lot of higher pitch notes compared to the way Pino basically rumbles along
on the low end, only occaisionally bringing his left hand down the neck of
his instrument.

Thanks also for the insight on John's 2002 sound.  It's one more reason to
regret his sudden departure, as if we needed one.  So, how about the 2002
tracks from the RAH CD, do they feature the beefier John?

Jim M

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