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>Subject: Re: Sticks In The Air / Pino ? Quadrophenia etc
>I'd like to get some of that stuff. It must be really
>good, like "I visited Jupiter last night" good.

Careful, Mark.
You weren't at Cardiff either.
You can't make comment.
John Hughs is going to get you!  ;-)

>> People, we've lost one of the greatest musicians
>> we've known.

It didn't hit me as hard as when John Lennon was shot, or when George
Harrions died, but damn close.
Obviously The Ox's death is in a class all it's own.

>I'd suggest some Big Country, but I'm still shaking my
>head at your lack of Kinks appreciation.

Don't go pulling a muscle or anything.

>I'd have to argue with you if you did. He's a lot
>better, but John was equally better when he died.

But Pete was/is more rounded.
How many instruments can he claim at this point?
Plus, Pete also received formal training at school.

>Moon, who can say? He was going downhill, but had he
>dried out completely...then, too, at his age NOW would
>he be able to be that good anymore?

I'm one that believes Keith could have regained his form.
At this age, however....
Drumming is such a physically demanding sport.  ;-)

>> precisely, *we* failed to slow
>> down and think deeply.
>Not me, mate.

Me either.  When I wrote *we*, I meant the listeners in general.

>I knew the first time I heard it, it was
>the best Who I'd ever heard.

I was floored and shocked.
Amazed that an album could speak to me...for such a powerful
It was instantly my favorite album.

>And in the 31 years
>since, I've had nothing change my mind.

And then to have the chance at finally seeing The Who live, and they are
playing my favorite album of all time!
There *is* a God!
Ummm, or some sort of scientific explanation for the above.
>Of course, I haven't heard the Velvet Revolver album
>yet...just kidding!

And, there apparently is also a devil.....
Poor Axle.    ;-)

>> If RGLB is *any* indication at all, the new album
>> could be a continuation of
>> Quad.
>Hmmm...I don't get the Quad vibe at all from it. White
>City had it. For me, the two new songs have more of an
>It's Hard feel. And it's still hard for me

Sound-wise, I'm with you.
But, on a storyline basis, it's a continuation of trying to figure out
life, and answer it's problems.
Quad....then White City.....and now RGLB.
Hey, when we get older, we take inventory.

Psych 101 teaches us that the final chapter in our lives is burdened
with coming to grips and accepting our past.
>From: SicilianMother at
>Subject: OJ, Reality TV - No Who
>The night my ex announced he was leaving, he said he was going to do an

>"O.J." on me.  Then he tried to head butt me.  Ah, 

Yeah, geeeee, thanks for sharing.


Kevin in VT

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