Spirituality and Tommy

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Mon Jun 14 08:08:25 CDT 2004

> "And there's purpose and worth to
> each and every life,"     Ronald 
> Reagan

Too bad his was to fund and arm Osama bin Laden and
Saddam Hussein, enabling our two greatest enemies.

> My point was that Tommy didn't start out "seeking"
> to be spiritual.


This is true, but he was also just a boy and few
children are actively seeking enlightenment.

> Christmas is a particularly vivid scene, especially
> the one during the movie. 

I agree.

>  Here are all these folks getting drunk and
> carousing in celebration of 
> something they don't even believe in. 

As well as his rejection of Christianity, shown by his
action with the nativity.

> I always felt that as soon as he started laying down
> the dogma, Tommy was, in 
> a sense taking control over what others should and
> should not do and ruined 
> it all.

Really? I've never heard that intepretation. I thought
Tommy was the innocent in it all. I've heard Townshend
say that it was the followers who were too impatient
to get the message. The movie lays fault at his dad's

> As soon as there
> are, it becomes a mere 
> organization and people have to start acting fake.

That's sort of the point I was making when I said
these things had to have drama and mystery, otherwise
they get boring. Once someone stops "seeking" they
grow rigid in their beliefs and begin to go through
the motions.

> Tommy had his basic senses taken from him.  He
> should have been discouraged 
> and angry.  He had reason to complain.

Tommy was the ultimate innocent. As Townshend said,
instead of the pain caused by Cousin Kevin he just
felt vibrations. The same with Uncle Ernie. He didn't
know it was being taken advantage of, he just felt the
experience. Then there was the acid from the Queen.
Just another experience for Thomas. Good or bad didn't
enter into it.
The only thing he really missed was human contact.
"See me, feel me, touch me, heal me."
But (I think) even when teaching, when trying to bring
others to where he was, he was just too innocent to
know that people want conflict. They want the battle
of Jericho. They want their leaders to be nailed to a
cross. Drama, man! Tommy offered only knowledge.

> Now, how Pete was able to *write* Tommy is what I'd
> like to know.

Hey, he was a genius. You knew that.

"That's Washington. That's the place where you find
people getting ready to jump out of the foxholes
before the first shot is fired."
      George "jumping jack flash" Bush

Cheers         ML

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