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do however, believe the manifestation of the shattered
illusion is honest reflection with oneself.


And I agree with this as well.  It isn't "God or nothing".  We do have a 
person and a free will.  If we aren't honest, we just cheat ourselves.  If we 
aren't open, we become old.

>>God isn't like this.
>>God is the most misunderstood person in the universe.

>Why is this?  Why is there so much misunderstanding.
Can't god make his message loud and clear so that even
thick people get it without fucking it up.
I don't mean to be flip, but it cannot
simply be because people ignore *evidence* and *signs*
of god's presence.    Shouldn't such a seemingly important
connection between oneself and their creator (a child to its
parent if you like) be an implicit one?   Does it really
*need* to be so subtle and mysterious?   Shouldn't his message
be delivered more reliably if it is so vital?   This is a
very puzzling thing to me.

I really considered this all day today, Joe. I asked for the answer and I 
received something when I read Mark's post. 

Tommy had his basic senses taken from him.  He should have been discouraged 
and angry.  He had reason to complain.  But through his difficulty he was 
brought into a realm that he may never have known existed.  I know Tommy is 
fiction, but how did Pete get so deep!?  Even my mom got chills when we listened to 
it together and discussed it earlier this year.  Back in the 70's, being a 
Baptist, her concept of rock being universally bad stopped her from ever seeing 
how wonderful Tommy is. Conversely, many folks that have a negative concept of 
God based on experiences with dead religious folks may shut off their being to 
the possibility that He may just be as wonderful as the things He created.

God doesn't want to be known in a shallow, outward way.  He won't perform 
tricks for us to merely amuse us and entertain or curiosity.  What He wants to do 
is to reveal His eternal economy to us and involve us in it directly. 
Something this special isn't cast about to these that will take it as something 

When some showed me that God is far grater than the things He created and 
weren't just telling me what to do, I left my prison.  Someone told me I have a 
spirit. They showed me it in the bible. I tried it and it works without fail. I 
am more sure about this than I am about the air that I am breathing. I 
receive air because I breathe it in. If you breathe you will live. There aren't 
audible words from God, but there is understanding and realization from Him. Just 
like taking a drug. Until taking it, you won't know what it can do. It wasn't 
until this happened that I understood Tommy. 

Now, how Pete was able to *write* Tommy is what I'd like to know.

Jon in Mi.

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