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Wait a minute...I think Tommy was spiritual from very
early on. 


 My point was that Tommy didn't start out "seeking" to be spiritual.  He was 
a victim of his circumstances so to speak.  He became "spiritual" as a result 
of his not being distracted by the physical scenery. He didn't get hooked by 
the sensational things of the material world and had view of the invisible 
scene that really is there. That is what took him on an amazing journey. 

Christmas is a particularly vivid scene, especially the one during the movie. 
 Here are all these folks getting drunk and carousing in celebration of 
something they don't even believe in.  He was protected from this mockery in his 
private world of reality.  He didn't *need* a Christmas. I just adore that.

Anyhow, I certainly agree with you. Wonderful lines there.

> >"Everything is a dead end and I'm 
>> just good at fooling myself." 

>In Tommy? 

No.  I meant in quad and in the lives of man in general.  

>Now when I first
heard Tommy, it seemed to me the followers actually
made Tommy deaf dumb and blind for real.

I always felt that as soon as he started laying down the dogma, Tommy was, in 
a sense taking control over what others should and should not do and ruined 
it all.  He stopped being spiritual and started becoming religious.  This is 
what turns people off. *This* is why so many cannot stand the thought of God. 
There is the demand, but no supply in which to carry out the demand.

>There is no
evidence for it, but it makes more sense...he's
damaged and returns to that which made him most
satisfied. "Listening to you, I get the music etc."

Great observation.  This is the prayer that Pete talked about in the shows.  
This is the acknowledgment of a source that prevents us from becoming proud of 
a "position" of spirituality (Reverend, Your Holiness, etc.) There are no 
"classes" in the spiritual world.  As soon as there are, it becomes a mere 
organization and people have to start acting fake. When the "You" is replaced with 
"I" the "getting" stops.

Jon in Mi.

"The law makes demands on man according to what God is.  Grace supplies man 
with what God is to meet what God demands."  Witness Lee.

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