John Hughes pureneasy at
Sun Jun 13 16:58:17 CDT 2004

Kev, re

>> > His <Pino> sound is just different, that's all. No trebly sound. Which
>> > i think is an improvement.
> >  YOU MUST BE HIGH!!!!!
> >
> > Uh, Kevin, Dereck was there. So was I. You weren't.
>    Jesus, John, take it easy. I'm quite aware I wasn't there.

Sorry, it reads a damn sight worse than it was intended.

> > No offence Kevin, but the endless Pino debate isn't helped when
> > of people's direct experience of his part in the sound comes from other
> > who weren't there.
>    Offense taken,

Accepted :-)

> > when my "you must be high" comment wasn't pointed at Dereck's
> > experience, but rather his statement that Pino's non-trebly bass sound
> > "an improvement" over John.

Aye, I did misunderstand your point a little and apologies are due. But as I
did comment, John had got rid of his harsh metallic twangy treble at
Watford. I'm sure there were plenty of others who found the way John's sound
had gone too harsh, trebly and metallic unappetising. I was SOO pleased at
the Watford show in 2002 that John had got back to a fuller, bassier sound.

> > Anyone want to say any bass players sound is an improvement over John
> > get the same response from me.

Fair point, but you'll find we will eventually agree to disagree. For years
and years John's bass was the element in the Who's concert and recorded
sound that I listened out for. The 96/97 shows and the 2000 shows in
particular revealed a sound that grated on me.

> > I've heard John, and I've "heard" Pino. I think
> > I'm qualified to give my HO on that......whether I was there or not.

Well, no one would doubt your opinion on what you've heard of Pino or John's
sound, same as I would hope you'd not doubt my opinion. I would be surprised
if you commented on Pino's sound if you'd never heard Pino play!



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