Pino AGAIN!!!

Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Sun Jun 13 13:34:53 CDT 2004

Kev wrote:

Offense taken, when my "you must be high" comment
wasn't pointed at 
experience, but rather his statement that Pino's
non-trebly bass sound 
"an improvement" over John.
Anyone want to say any bass players sound is an
improvement over John 
get the same response from me.
I've heard John, and I've "heard" Pino.
I think I'm qualified to give my HO on
that......whether I was there or 

As the original person on the end of "you must be
high" comment from Kev -one that did not offend me, by
the way. I can just here Kev's reply -couldn't give a
flying fuck if you were mate!

Anyhow. Whether there, here, somewhere, anywhere

i still go for John anyday but without the treble.

So, in so much- i did not say Pino sounded better than
John, or that Pino is better than John. I said Pino
was up in the mix -fact
I said he played well-fact
I said i didn't miss the trebley sound -opinion bassed
on preference.
I said not having treble on the bass was an
improvement for me - opinion based (pun intended) on

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