More on the Pino thang

Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Sun Jun 13 13:24:19 CDT 2004

Uh, Kevin, Dereck was there. So was I. You weren't.
Dereck is right. 
> was well up in the mix and his sound was good.

That may be, but it sounded like Dereck was
characterizing his sound as 
improvement over Entwistle.  I don't need to have been
at this 
show to know *that's* not right.

Er, i was as it happens. I go with John's Duanne Eddy

Look, idon't think John and i are trying to gang up on
you Jon V Pino freaks but as John said, at Watford,
John went for the "older" John sound. 

John was the best bass player i have ever seen or
heard; it's just that i don't like Duanne Eddy - or
his sound.

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