Kev's comment on Pino

Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Sun Jun 13 13:15:41 CDT 2004

One last thought...
With Pino playing in his home town, was Pete more
interactive with 
him.......being forced to share some (albeit small)
spot light?
Kevin in VT

He did indeed do the usual inroduction off all the
band members but mentioned that PIno was from Wales
but not sure where. Pino pointed to the stage and
lipped, "here". His family live 3 miles from the

I think Pete was happy with the adulation he got.

At the IOW last nght, Pete billed him as a saviour,
more or less, for stepping in at short notice. I also
noticed Rog interacting with him a lot last night.

Again, Pino was a louder than Cardiff at IOW. I did
notice that all the bands were bass-heavy and Zak's
drums, when he returned after the accoustic spot, were
very bass-heavy.

Just like to say that in defence of my earlier, get
off Pino's back type comment, i have no reason to
defend him per se. It's not because he is a fellow
Welsh man. Perhaps it's because i'm not a huge bass
player fan. Being a part-time drummer, i know how much
value a bass player brings to playing drums.
Personally, i thought John's bass got in the way when
he went for the twangy sound. I guess the best person
to ask for a comment on Pino would be Zak.
Anyone know his number?

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