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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Sun Jun 13 12:16:24 CDT 2004

> Are you saying that in a cause and effect kind of
> way?


Yes, I believe so. When the "Quad sector" of Who fans
pointed out certain things, we made it clear that Quad
was the superior work. For one thing, we got
complaints about the overridding synths and
horns...not too Who-like. But if you LISTEN to the
band itself, it's almost a live performance in there.
Of course you have to realize the remixes weren't out
yet so the available version was a bit muddy. Harder
to hear JUST the band. I think the reason I "got it"
so quickly is my first listen (December 27th, 1973, I
got it for Xmas) was on headphones.

> Anyway, I've always heard Quad refered to as the
> "Who fan's favorite album."

I'm talking about over 10 years ago. Probably more
like 15. I don't recall exactly when I first hit the
Who areas of the Internet.

> I found it less accessible when I first started to
> listen to it.  But, the
> more I listened to it, the more I appreciated it.


> So good I think I need a
> new name to use here.  Any suggestions, oh master of
> nom-de-plumage?

Good one. But Scott was the one who inspired mine,
perhaps he can get you on the road. He called me
"Marcus Aurelius" in a private Email and then it was
obvious what I should do.
SCOTT! Whoo-hoo oh Scott! (whistle) We need some
inspiration over here!

> either.  Neither was Tommy.  


Wait a minute...I think Tommy was spiritual from very
early on. Amazing Journey, in fact. "Sickness will
surely take the mind/Where minds can't usually go..."
That reflects a visionquest, wouldn't you say?
Certainly a spiritual thing. "All at once a tall
stranger I suddenly see/He's wrapped in a silver
sparked glittering gown/And his golden beard flows
nearly down to the ground..." Is that El Supremo
Beingo? Or a spirit guide? After all, "He's your
leader he's your guide/On the amazing journey together
you'll ride..." But either way, that's pretty durn

> "Everything is a dead end and I'm 
> just good at fooling myself." 

In Tommy? He was a messiah! I think rather he was
trying to share his experience and the rest of us lugs
were too shallow to pay the price. And in the end, he
found he was content all on his own. Now when I first
heard Tommy, it seemed to me the followers actually
made Tommy deaf dumb and blind for real. There is no
evidence for it, but it makes more sense...he's
damaged and returns to that which made him most
satisfied. "Listening to you, I get the music etc."
Realization, as I was saying about Townshend's works
If you're talking about Quad, it does apply.

> Of course not.  They don't even care about such
> things.  They're too 
> concerned with important things like how they appear
> to others.

Sex drugs and Rock. I'm tellin' ya.

> Around such folks he was alone.

A common adolescent feeling.

> God isn't like this.  However, we may become fooled
> into thinking this is so. 
> God is the most misunderstood person in the
> universe. 

Because he's been interpreted through people who have
their own agenda. I can see the first Bible conference
now: "Yeah, put that in there Matthew, it shouldn't be
allowed!" "Yeah, good one Jacob, write that down!" And
so on.

> I do however, believe the manifestation of the
> shattered illusion is honest reflection with


"Is it me, for a moment."

> parent if you like) be an implicit one?   Does it
> really
> *need* to be so subtle and mysterious?   Shouldn't
> his message
> be delivered more reliably if it is so vital?   This
> is a very puzzling thing to me.

I'm speculating here, but perhaps because people love
a good mystery. They love drama. If you just gave them
the message, they'd quickly get bored with it. "Yeah,
yeah, love thy neighbor. Whatever." They have to have
contention to stay in focus. It's got to be a

> I say this as someone who has never heard god speak
> to me.   I
> used to think I was an oddball, but my on-going poll
> is
> leading me to the conclusion that nobody hears god.

I've never heard God either, unless last night he was
telling me it was a real good looking pizza and I
should eat it.
However, I have seen evidence which leads me to
believe there is something beyond our understanding.
To take Scott's role for a second, some scientist
calculated the odds of amino acids forming randomly
and they were something like a one followed by a
hundred thousand zeroes (no, I'm not talking about the
GOP convention). That has to be
> but he should have asked Bono and U2!

But in his own song, Bono said "And I still haven't
found what I'm looking for..."

"We don't believe in planners and deciders making the
decisions on behalf of Americans."
        George "take Iraq for example" Bush

Cheers         ML

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