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Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Sun Jun 13 19:02:54 CDT 2004

Jon wrote in response to Mark:

 >I don't see Jimmy as being on a spiritual quest either.  Neither was Tommy.
It just ended up that way.  When the illusion finally gets shattered, some
become spiritual by just admitting the truth: "Everything is a dead end and 
just good at fooling myself."

This is a gem.   Man, you're on to something here!   I
do however, believe the manifestation of the shattered
illusion is honest reflection with oneself.

 >God isn't like this.
 >God is the most misunderstood person in the universe.

Why is this?  Why is there so much misunderstanding.
Can't god make his message loud and clear so that even
thick people get it without fucking it up.
I don't mean to be flip, but it cannot
simply be because people ignore *evidence* and *signs*
of god's presence.    Shouldn't such a seemingly important
connection between oneself and their creator (a child to its
parent if you like) be an implicit one?   Does it really
*need* to be so subtle and mysterious?   Shouldn't his message
be delivered more reliably if it is so vital?   This is a
very puzzling thing to me.

I say this as someone who has never heard god speak to me.   I
used to think I was an oddball, but my on-going poll is
leading me to the conclusion that nobody hears god.  They
simply tap into an inner monolog.  Which is not to say that
there is an undiscovered (scientifically proven) connection
between humans and other living or dead beings.  I just don't
have proof of what makes some uncanny and as-yet unexplainable
things possible.   I'm willing to wait for evidence before
assigning them to a *divine* category.

I'm keen to separate *knowing god* and serenity too.   Your
serenity, Jon, is quite evident.  I'm really, sincerely happy
for you as a friend.   I've met many born again Christians
that are not nearly as serene as I would expect.

So why is Pete apparently seeking throughout his body of work,
and can we infer that Pete continues to seek to this day?
My educated guess is that like me, he still hasn't found what he's
looking for.   He asked Bobby Dylan, he asked the Beatles...,
but he should have asked Bono and U2!

Joe in Philly

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