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But I have to say that I don't see Jimmy as being on a
spiritual quest. It's all social, man. "I work myself
to death, just to fit in." 

I don't see Jimmy as being on a spiritual quest either.  Neither was Tommy.  
It just ended up that way.  When the illusion finally gets shattered, some 
become spiritual by just admitting the truth: "Everything is a dead end and I'm 
just good at fooling myself." 

>>Surely you don't believe
he's going to impress his Mod friends by becoming born

Of course not.  They don't even care about such things.  They're too 
concerned with important things like how they appear to others.  Around such folks he 
was alone.  He had to perform to win their approval. He had to work himself to 

God isn't like this.  However, we may become fooled into thinking this is so. 
God is the most misunderstood person in the universe. 

Jon in Mi.

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