is it just a matter of time?

John Hughes pureneasy at
Sat Jun 12 12:07:29 CDT 2004

Kevin, re

> > So I'm looking at the photo's from Matt's post on Cardiff... I find
myself, though, staring at Pino.
> > Here's a in his hometown receiving the adulation
from his hometown tickets that clearly
> > he hasn't gotten here (or elsewhere on Who lists for that matter).

If I can, and Dereck will bear me up, Pino got a fantastic reception at
Cardiff. As soon as he came out on stage, the crowd cheered him, and when
Pete mentioned him very early on, Pino had a massive grin on his face, waved
and got another huge cheer.

Later, when Pete did the band intro's Pino got another massive cheer, and
the crowd at many points in the show were chanting Pino - Pino - Pino
football style.

And, when he did the solo runs in MG< each one received an ecstatic cheer
from his HOME crowd.

Oh, and so did the rest of the band:-)

> > With Pino playing in his home town, was Pete more interactive with
him.......being forced to share some (albeit
> > small) spot light?

See above :-)

And let it be said, I thought it was great to see Matt acknowledge Pino's
home show by putting so many good photo's of him on the web site.



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