Sticks In The Air / Pino ? Quadrophenia etc

Jim M petenotped at
Sat Jun 12 11:37:00 CDT 2004

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> Thanks. Quad is my favorite Who work too. I remember
> when I first got on the Internet, most fans considered
> WN their best. There were those of us who pointed out
> the beauty of Quad, and now it's generally accepted as
> their finest work.

Are you saying that in a cause and effect kind of way?

Anyway, I've always heard Quad refered to as the "Who fan's favorite album."
I found it less accessible when I first started to listen to it.  But, the
more I listened to it, the more I appreciated it.  Then it became *the*
album I would choose if I could only ever have one.  My desert island disc,
as it were.

> > And now I really WILL shut up!
> I really wish you wouldn't!

Me too, Simon.

>This list has suffered
> from a general lack of discussion (no offense to those
> of us who were doing SOME discussion, I'm comparing it
> to the pre-pedophilia days).

That's why I joined the list; To find out what was happening and get support
from other fans.  It's good to finally be past it.  So good I think I need a
new name to use here.  Any suggestions, oh master of nom-de-plumage?

Jim M

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