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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Sat Jun 12 10:58:09 CDT 2004

> ML...Greg Lake is on "Real Good Looking Boy" and if
> you listen carefully really carefully - you can hear
a bass fill in the
> song.


OK, but I can't help but point out that if I have to
listen carefully then it's not enough. Not for me,

> void?  Why *is* there a void?

"There is no life in the void." Sauron.
This so-called "void" is merely our desire to further
ourselves. Humans are rarely satisfied, even when we
damned well should be. It's a survival trait,
imprinted on our conciousness. If someone believes in
a supreme being, then one could say he/she/it put it
But I have to say that I don't see Jimmy as being on a
spiritual quest. It's all social, man. "I work myself
to death, just to fit in." Surely you don't believe
he's going to impress his Mod friends by becoming born

> their version of Summertime Blues was a combination
> of Blue Cheer's version and the "Live at Leeds"


Well, the BC version is much more like the Who version
of the song (which they played in 1967 at Monterey and
all during their first US tour) than the original, so
it seems likely to me BC saw them perform it. Anyway,
that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

> but aside from a weird intro, the riffs, solos, and
> drumming seemed to be

Ha, that's pretty good. Everything but the music, huh?

> Tom - yup. Quadrophenia (at its best) works on MANY
> levels - and I have no 
> doubt whatsoever that Pete meant it to.


I do as well. The music and the story are
multilayered. That can't be just a coincidence.

> I think Pete meant "Quad" to be taken damn seriously

Yes, I'm sure he was feeling like "I have to top what
I've already done." Tommy got so much praise from many
corners (some unexpected) and Who's Next, the
"failure" in his eyes, garnered great reviews and
sales. This is also why when Quad was NOT recognized
for the great work it was, he gave up and started
making regular albums.

> relief wouldn't go amiss. I can never *quite*
> understand the vehement 
> antipathy to "Squeezebox", given its context)

I think because people were disappointed it wasn't
some blockbuster megameaningful important statement.
People had forgotten the humorous side of the band.

> Marcus Surrealius (what a great nom-de-plume!)

Credit goes to Scott for inspiring it. I'm actually
just Mark. Just plain ol' Whofan Mark.

> Wonderful insights. Thank you.

Thanks. Quad is my favorite Who work too. I remember
when I first got on the Internet, most fans considered
WN their best. There were those of us who pointed out
the beauty of Quad, and now it's generally accepted as
their finest work.

> And now I really WILL shut up!

I really wish you wouldn't! This list has suffered
from a general lack of discussion (no offense to those
of us who were doing SOME discussion, I'm comparing it
to the pre-pedophilia days).

> My two cents.....


I'd like to get some of that stuff. It must be really
good, like "I visited Jupiter last night" good.

> People, we've lost one of the greatest musicians
> we've known.

Yeah. Talk about someone who REALLY deserves to be
honored for a week! "Everybody do the mess around..."

> I'm not a melon!  Stop thumping my head!

(insert cheap face punching joke here)

> But, I'm still holding out hope for what the energy
> and time spent working
> on a new album will bring.

As Supertramp said: "Dreamer/You're nothing but a

> More like wishing upon a star.


> I'm not familiar with his playing, so I can't
> comment.  But, I trust your
> judgment.
> Others seem to agree with you too.

I'd suggest some Big Country, but I'm still shaking my
head at your lack of Kinks appreciation.

> In fact, I think that was a sarcastic line Pete
> threw in while cursing
> Roger's name under his breath while he wrote.

Could be. I've always wondered about that.

> But, Pete has grown and I'd argue had passed both
> John and Keith.

I'd have to argue with you if you did. He's a lot
better, but John was equally better when he died.
Moon, who can say? He was going downhill, but had he
dried out completely...then, too, at his age NOW would
he be able to be that good anymore?

> precisely, *we* failed to slow
> down and think deeply.

Not me, mate. I knew the first time I heard it, it was
the best Who I'd ever heard. AND the best Rock album
I'd ever heard, for that matter. And in the 31 years
since, I've had nothing change my mind. 
Of course, I haven't heard the Velvet Revolver album
yet...just kidding!

> I may be alone here, but I still hold out hope for
> "The Boy Who Heard Music."

As Ray Davies would say: "Standing in the middle of

> If RGLB is *any* indication at all, the new album
> could be a continuation of
> Quad.

Hmmm...I don't get the Quad vibe at all from it. White
City had it. For me, the two new songs have more of an
It's Hard feel. And it's still hard for me

> A quick comment on UK'ers (and other countries) on
> the list.
> I, for one, dig hearing viewpoints from folks other
> than those living in the
> US.  The international aspect of lists is great.

I absolutely agree. 

"I'm the master of low expectations."
   George "because I give what I live" Bush

Cheers         ML

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