Is it just a matter of time ??

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Sat Jun 12 07:51:06 CDT 2004

So I'm looking at the photo's from Matt's post on Cardiff...
Some *really* nice shots of Pete with some serious expressions and emotions.

I find myself, though, staring at Pino.
Here's a in his hometown receiving the adulation from his hometown tickets that clearly he hasn't gotten here (or elsewhere on Who lists for that matter).
Yeah, ok, I'm feeling a bit guilty!  I'm only human, now get off my back!  I do have compassion!  It just doesn't show through back the fuck off!

(I also have a sense of humor that doesn't always show on E-mail ;-)

So, I get to thinking....Pete, it seems, is starting to really open the communication with Zak.  I felt it at MSG.  My buddy Stu said the same.  It's been posted here and on other lists.
How long has it taken?

With Pino, are we perhaps just witnessing the process that naturally has to take place for any human to get used to another?
Yes, I know Pete has played with Pino in the past.
But, Pete-in-the-Who, who you could argue is a different person (character?), hasn't ever had to play with Pino.  A whole new relationship has to be formed and fine tuned.
Will it happen?

Or should I just go back to bed?

One last thought...
With Pino playing in his home town, was Pete more interactive with him.......being forced to share some (albeit small) spot light?
Kevin in VT

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