Sticks In The Air / Pino ? Quadrophenia etc etc

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Sat Jun 12 07:19:17 CDT 2004

>simon malia
>Sticks In The Air / Pino ? Quadrophenia etc etc
>In "Quad", Pete set out to make something similar happen by design: which
>why he assigned the four themes to the various members of the band. He was
>(ummm, I think)

I think too...

>attempting to build on what had happened in live concerts
>during the Tommy era, and make a work of art, with a (here comes that word
>again) "spiritual" context.

But not a god-worshiping context, right?

>I also think he was trying to lead the horse to
>water (yikes!) - but failed (even though he was aware of the risks as he
>wrote it : "I have to be careful not to preach" etc...

Ohhh, I think he failed at first.  Or, more precisely, *we* failed to slow
down and think deeply.
But, in the end, we've now seen the light, and made Pete a success here.

>I've blethered on too long: in short, Pete tried to make "Quad" both
>(and reflect upon) his audience AND show the band that they ALL needed to
>brave enough to make a journey which might have no known outcome.

Good stuff.

>They didn't.
>And now we have Pino.
>And "Baba O'Riley" selling stuff on telly.

And the potential for a continuation of the journey with a new album.
I may be alone here, but I still hold out hope for "The Boy Who Heard
If RGLB is *any* indication at all, the new album could be a continuation of
We're all still alive.
We're all still seeking.
We're all still on the journey.

It's just that we need some water.

A quick comment on UK'ers (and other countries) on the list.
I, for one, dig hearing viewpoints from folks other than those living in the
US.  The international aspect of lists is great.
Kevin in VT

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