Where do we go from here...

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Sat Jun 12 07:06:41 CDT 2004

>Marcus Surrealius
>Sticks in the Air / McVicar
>Ah, you seem ripe for conversion to me!

I'm not a melon!  Stop thumping my head!

>I agree. But it seems they're uninterested in getting
>to a better place.

I'm leaning that way too at the moment.
But, I'm still holding out hope for what the energy and time spent working
on a new album will bring.
It could create a unity and change in direction.
Hey, ya gotta have hope!

>> But, they could just as easily bring Pino back up,
>> turn him up, let him off his leash, and actually
>> interact with him, and my opinion would change.
>Perhaps. You're speculating a bit, I think.

More like wishing upon a star.

>Pino is
>clearly NOT the sort of bass player John was.

Clearly.  And clearly *not* "an improvement."  I almost spit coffee reading
Derick, what's wrong with you????   ;-)

>I suggested Tony
>Butler. HE has the chops and the sort of interactive
>style which would work well with Pete. Listen to Look
>Away (by Big Country) sometime!

I'm not familiar with his playing, so I can't comment.  But, I trust your
Others seem to agree with you too.

>> The Who don't take no collections.
>> Come on Mark, join together with the band.  ;-)
>OK, I'll give you that one.

Ding-ding!  Points for Kevin in VT!

>Because if we're
>going by Join Together "It's the singer, not the

I've never believed that.  And, I don't think Pete believes that.
In fact, I think that was a sarcastic line Pete threw in while cursing
Roger's name under his breath while he wrote.

>You're free to not agree.

And freedom's taste of reality...

>And he (Pete) was the weakest musician of the three, let's not

True, at the onset.
But, Pete has grown and I'd argue had passed both John and Keith.

Kevin in VT

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