Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Fri Jun 11 03:00:47 CDT 2004

The WHo were fucking outstanding last night.

Front row standing in front of Rog, it was loud, hot
and sweaty. The crowd were well up for it and Rog
commented on how much he was enjoying it.
His voice was back to it's 2000 best and don't think
he missed many notes. Pete was on fine form and looked
very happy to be there.

More or lessthe same set as Birmingham with Long Live
ock thrown in. 

Highlight of the night was towards the end of YBYB,
Pete was complaining the monitors were too loud. His
shoulders sank and he didn't play the chord.

He went around the keyboards to Bob and was giving him
a right ear bashing. Pointing fingers blah, blah.

It pissed him off big time.

I am so glad they played to their best tonight, in my
home town!! I have been bigging them up to so many
people over the years and some of then turned up to
watch on my reccommendation.They did not let me down.

On a final note, a lot of thngs have been said about
Pino. I was watching and listening hard. He was up in
the mix from where i was, he played well, he was a
vital contribution. His sound is just different,
that's all. No trebley sound. Which i think is an

IOW here i come.

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