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IMO Quadrophenia represents the end of illusions, mainly all those teenage 
illusions. In Jimmy's case mainly the necessity of being accepted by the mod 
gang. In order to do so, he gets out of home, got drugged, fight rockers, 
everything. But in the end he discovers that all were in vain, all got 
messed up, and your hero is nothing more than a drunk bell boy. And 
therefore, when the illusions burst out,...

Oohh Tom, that's some good stuff there.  

The teenage years are largely about feelings. Very acute feelings.  The 
problem is that feelings can be illusions and some times they can lie.  

How are we to know what's real until we find out for ourselves?  How are we 
to know who we can trust until we find someone we can trust?  Some give up. 
Some continue to block out evidence that makes them feel vulnerable and 
uncomfortable. Who wants to be uncomfortable?

Jimmy saw what was vain and admitted it. That is bravery. What can fill the 
void?  Why *is* there a void?

Jon in Mi.

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