Greg Lake

Toby Elwin taelwin at
Thu Jun 10 21:26:20 CDT 2004


I thought that was Greg Lake? Frankly, I can't tell
any difference in the bass playing between the two new

ML...Greg Lake is on "Real Good Looking Boy" and if you listen carefully -
really carefully - you can hear a bass fill in the song.

I say, again, Tony Butler from Big Country, but also a vote for Greg Lake,
again, as consolation.

I can not believe Bill Wyman does not play all that much bass on the Stones
stuff, as someone has mentioned.  If it was Keith Richards, as claimed, then
the bass playing for the new Stones would sound the same and it does not.  I
am scratching my chin hoping that Wyman was not marginalized by Richards on
all those great Stones cuts.

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