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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Thu Jun 10 20:57:37 CDT 2004

> I'll shut up now!


Please don't! Really, just lately here we've had some
great and in depth discussion (from you and others)
and it's effin' great to see. I was getting bored,
then the Seeker discussion started along with the Pino
one and now this list is the way it was when I joined.
When you've got something as thoughtful and
interesting as your Quad post, then "Speak my brotha!"
As Cat Stevens once said: Don't be shy!

> Actually, it was sold for a Buick commercial.


OK, whatever. I was going by the movie, and there it
was Ford.

> He agreed & when Morrison returned &
found out he was mighty pissed.  They then agreed it
had been a poor decision.

Better than being hit in the face by Morrison, I

> Well, with The Doors it's different.  Only their
last two albums had
individual songwriting credits

OK, I can't say what the LPs had because they're at my
store and I'm not right now. But I remember seeing on
some format of the music that Krieger had written
Light My Fire before I saw it in the movie. I did have
the 45 when it came out.

> leading me to believe you see the entire QUAD as a 
spiritual piece of work.

Sorry, but I meant complete abandonment.

> subtle messages in the piece.  It ain't
one-dimensional Led Zeppelin bullshit.

Yeah, you need schoolin' I'm not foolin' wait...that's
Dixon, isn't it? OK, well, we can talk about a day of
which we still await when all will be revealed.

> kind of spiritual "magnum opus" on the level of

Yes, well that was my contention and then I was busted
on Drowned. I have always felt Quad was a primer for
adolescence (sort of), going through step by step the
things we males (at least) went through in those
years. And I was far from spiritual then, don't know
about you. It was sex and drugs and Rock for me. Oh,
OK, there was that week I was a Jesus Freak...but the
problem with Christianity is that it won't let you
have sex and drugs, so...I'd say they lose a lot of
potential members that way.

> Cor blimey!....did that realization come in a
vision?  ;-)

No, we visited the Baba Center and were graciously
informed and enlightened as to many aspects of
Townshend's mindset. I saw the places he wrote Who's
Next, you know. Saw his cabin (the Lantern Cabin). Saw
pics of Pete and Karen and the infamous Virginia and
their kids playing. Meet people who know him like you
know Kevin. And saw video of Pete.
It's a fantastic place, and here within 20 minutes of
my house.

> I was being serious!  "Let the tide in & set me
free.  I wanna drown."

That can be taken in other ways. Being set free is
certainly a spiritual concern, no? And if water is
some sort of metaphor for the stream of spirituality,
carrying you to the Big drown in his sweet
sweet love...

> Set me free from this wretched existence.

It still applies. Ask any honestly religious person,
and they'll tell you they were set free of their
wretched existance.
Meanwhile, I'm thinking about how wretched existance
would be without sex and drugs and Rock. But that's

> love," but I think Jimmy had other ideas in mind.

Yeah, well how spiritual is "I'm an air conditioned
gypsy?" from the clearly spiritual Lifehouse?

> Listen to "Old Red Wine", for starters.


I thought that was Greg Lake? Frankly, I can't tell
any difference in the bass playing between the two new

"If you don't stand for anything, you don't stand for
 George "stand in the place where you live" Bush

Cheers         ML

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