Selling out.....on Pino?

Toby Elwin taelwin at
Thu Jun 10 19:54:59 CDT 2004

Questions to you musicians, could it have any thing to do with the sound
system Pino uses for his basses? Kara

Kara - it really is not the instrument or sound system, example, Eddie Van
Halen stepped onto the scene with a crap guitar, it did not matter.  The
Beatles, Kinks, Who, Cream instruments and sound system did not affect their
playing ability in the 60s.  That is not the case.

Ultimately, listen to Pino's work on "Give Blood", that is great, creative
bass playing - now???  Listen to "Old Red Wine", for starters.  Now???I do
not know what the hell he is doing AND can not hear a thing he is doing
either.  If they can go from Kenny Jones to Zak Starkey, they can bring in
the umph in the bass role too - I can not believe it is a Pete ego isssue.


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