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Thu Jun 10 19:46:46 CDT 2004

> > The Doors are the kings of this attitude.
> Funny, they seemed to have no problem selling Light My
> Fire to Ford in the `60's.

Actually, it was sold for a Buick commercial.  The story goes that
Morrison was away & manager Bill Siddons approached the other 
three about the idea & said an answer was needed immediately.

Since Robbie Krieger officially wrote the song, the other two left
the final decision to him.  He agreed & when Morrison returned &
found out he was mighty pissed.  They then agreed it had been a
poor decision.

> > but drummer John Densmore, ever the stick in the
> > mud, refused to give his
> > permission for the deal.
> You know, it's the songwriter who gets to decide these
> things. It's not a band decision.

Well, with The Doors it's different.  Only their last two albums had
individual songwriting credits; the first four had an equal, 4-way split,
crediting the songwriting simply to "The Doors."  And I believe the
three surviving members today have legal stakes in not only the songs
but also the name; hence Densmore's successful blockage two years 
ago when Manzarek & Krieger wanted to tour under The Doors name.

> > What's so spiritual about QUADROPHENIA?
> I said "Drowned." 

Simon said (!) that QUAD was Pete's "high-point of his attempts to 
reflect that (spiritual) quest in his work" & you said it was "disappointing 
when he dropped it, with Who By Numbers, and just wrote an ordinary
Rock album," leading me to believe you see the entire QUAD as a 
spiritual piece of work.

I need to back-track here.  I don't want to imply that QUAD is com-
pletely devoid of *any* spiritual aspects.  I do realize the depth &
subtle messages in the piece.  It ain't one-dimensional Led Zeppelin

However, I cannot agree with comments insinuating QUAD was some
kind of spiritual "magnum opus" on the level of TOMMY.  It seems like
all the gritty, poetic, humanistic realism of Pete's writing is being over-
looked while his spiritual leanings are given a sometimes greater im-
portance than they might deserve.

I'm waiting for someone to bring up the spiritual aspects of "Pictures
of Lily" next.  ;-)

(Note:  Everyone's opinions are just as valid as mine.  I'm only seeking
(!) deep Who discussions here.)

> During the last Whofest it was shown to me that Drowned was a 
> spiritual song. 

Cor blimey!....did that realization come in a vision?  ;-)

> > It's more suicidal than spiritual, IMO.
> Har-de-har har.

I was being serious!  "Let the tide in & set me free.  I wanna drown."
Set me free from this wretched existence.  Let's not forget Jimmy's state
of mind.  Pete may sometimes sing "Let me drown in your sweet, sweet
love," but I think Jimmy had other ideas in mind.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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