Selling out.....on Pino?

Kara Billings ilovemyhorses2 at
Thu Jun 10 15:17:19 CDT 2004

>We all miss The Ox and to me he is/was he greatest bass player, his style 
>his sound will never be replaced he was brilliant.
>I agree Pino does not have what it takes. Maybe I am wrong but I know that 
>in most bands the bass player does not always stand out the way John did, 
>in that I mean, how loud the bass was. (John did have it turned way up) 
>Plus even John just standing there I loved to watch him play. Pino does 
>nothing for me.
>Anyway if you could chose any Bass player to take Pino's place who would it 
>  be?
>I know you will come up with some good ones. For I see some of you play in 
>bands. So you guys
>are more in tuned to it all. :)
>Questions to you musicians, could it have any thing to do with the sound 
>system Pino uses for his basses?
>> >Scott Schrade
>> >He could have his own catch-phrase:  "Where's the bass??!!"
>>Pete's right.  He sounds nothing like John.
>>We could hear John!
>>Kevin in VT

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