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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Thu Jun 10 15:01:20 CDT 2004

> Ahhh, not so quick, oh recruiter to the church of
> "it's not The Who."


Ah, you seem ripe for conversion to me!

> Just because John's dead doesn't mean it has to be
> the way it is.

I agree. But it seems they're uninterested in getting
to a better place.

> But, they could just as easily bring Pino back up,
> turn him up, let him off his leash, and actually
> interact with him, and my opinion would change.

Perhaps. You're speculating a bit, I think. Pino is
clearly NOT the sort of bass player John was. So Pino
might be interacting as far as he's concerned. That's
why, when John first killed himself, I suggested Tony
Butler. HE has the chops and the sort of interactive
style which would work well with Pete. Listen to Look
Away (by Big Country) sometime!

> The Who don't take no collections.
> Come on Mark, join together with the band.  ;-)

OK, I'll give you that one. But then what's all this
discussion about Pete being THE ONE? Because if we're
going by Join Together "It's the singer, not the

> Don't agree.
> At all.

You're free to not agree.

> And, it might change with a new album that will
> include the participation of Zak and Pino (doubt
> it.)

(insert half a groan)

> Can't you do something about that???

Not really. I have connections with the government,
not the Who camp.

> It can't be The Who if it's not a complete band.
> It's a duo with support.


> Why not the "Roger Daltrey Show?"

Yeah. It's the singer not the song...

> He *is* the song writer.
> He *is* the lead musician, and only musician left
> from the originals.

And he was the weakest musican of the three, let's not

> Perry Ferrel?  Was he wearing his fur coat when he
> said that, I wonder?


Alright now...I was just listening to Strays and
Kettle Whistle last night.

> The Doors are the kings of this attitude.

Funny, they seemed to have no problem selling Light My
Fire to Ford in the `60's.

> but drummer John Densmore, ever the stick in the
> mud, refused to give his
> permission for the deal.

You know, it's the songwriter who gets to decide these
things. It's not a band decision.

> *their* songs for commercials
> left & right.

Ain't life grand? Good for them!

> What's so spiritual about QUADROPHENIA?

I said "Drowned." During the last Whofest it was shown
to me that Drowned was a spiritual song. Of course,
the entire "I'm flowing under bridges...I'm just a
tear in a baby's eye" is pretty spiritual. Water is
often used in a spiritual context. "Water of life"
etc. and think of Townshend song The Ferryman. But
Pete performed Drowned in India at some Baba rally or
something...the video was included in the Ja Baba
set...and he said something there about the meaning of
the song. I can't recall, it's been a few years.

> It's more suicidal than spiritual, IMO.

Har-de-har har.

> society.  Jimmy would 
> tell an authoritative God to "Fuck off!" at the drop
> of a hat.

That counts. Lucifer's rejection of God...

> Spiritual quest over.

Now we need to do something about this little ring

"[A]s you know, these are open forums, you're able to
come and listen to what I have to say."
    George "so shut up and pay attention" Bush

Cheers         ML

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