Google Him...Joe Blow

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Thu Jun 10 10:17:03 CDT 2004

Jim M wrote:
> > Hey, I did a google of "Joe Lewinski" and the first return was to igtc
>That and a lot of Monica hits.  That's got to suck.  You go through life
>with a pretty anonymous last name and then some bimbo goes down on the
>president and you never hear the end of it.
>Jim M

Yeah, it did suck, and BLOW!  It still does.  I still hear the jokes to this
day - case in point.   It's another thing I have in common with Pete, I

BTW.  Monica spells her last name with a "y" on the end.   That makes
all the difference - yeah right!

Joe in Philly - who's very keen on pointing out the spelling difference. 

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