Selling out.....on Pino?

Jim M petenotped at
Thu Jun 10 08:42:29 CDT 2004

----- Original Message ----- From: "O'Neal, Kevin W."

> >It's almost as if they know we're going to bitch about *something*.
> >Pino hidden in the shadows and his sound turned down low gives us as
> >to bitch about as possible.
> >
> Eh??

I know, I'm reaching.  Let's see if I can rephrase.  People were suggesting
that keeping Pino's profile low is a decision by Pete to keep more of the
spotlight for himself.  I guess I'm saying that he might be trying to keep
the spotlight off Pino not because he wants it for himself, but for Pino's

> > That makes as much sense as missing NY when you *knew* Scott, Jon, and
> especially (me) I would be there.
> > ;-)

I admit it, I took the easy way out (i.e., the show 20 minutes from home)
and missed out on one hell of a time.  But I had good reasons.  It would not
have been an easy weekend for a trip to NY.

Jim M

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