Selling out.....on Pino...

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Thu Jun 10 08:30:49 CDT 2004

>Alan McKendree 
>Selling out.....on Pino...
>Well, Pino's well on the way to joining Kenney in that nasty place, as 
>far as I can tell, so I don't see what there is to lose.

I think Pino is already farther along than Kenney ever was.
Can you imagine the hatred toward Kenney if you couldn't even hear him???

>speaking for myself,

Nope, you just spoke for me as well.
I'm re-posting this in entirety because it's accurate to a "T":

>I would welcome a bass player with the balls and 
>the talent to step up and accept the rights and responsibilities of 
>musical equality -- musical, not financial -- with Pete and Roger.  No 
>bass player capable of doing that could possibly be either ignorant or 
>disrespectful of the shoes s/he was filling.  I'd hope the fans would 
>be realistic and, dare I say, generous enough to welcome such a player. 
>Of course, the precondition is that Pete and Roger would accept such a 

Anything less than the above is a clear indication to me of simply wanting to ride into the sunset, and not wanting to really be a band and challenge musical status quo.

It's ova.

I say that, and it's harsh....and....I hope it changes with the new album.
The hope I'm holding onto is that this is a transition period for Pete and Roger.  Finish off this tour (tour that started in 2002), regroup as a band with a new album, and come out swinging on all 5 cylinders.

Kevin in VT

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