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Wed Jun 9 22:30:01 CDT 2004

> Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 03:53:59 +0000
> From: "L. Bird" <pkeets at>
>> I think Pete wants to be able to get the attention whenever he wants 
>> it; to
>> control the show, to jam if and when he feels like it.
> This is just as it ought to be when Pete and Roger are the original 
> members
> and the creative force behind the band.  Not only do they have 
> seniority and
> thus deserve the most credit, but they built the music from scratch 
> over a
> forty year period and they know how they want it played.  It's theirs.

Yes, it's theirs.  My point is that I'm not as satisfied with what the 
remaining two members are doing with their music as I was with what the 
remaining three members did with their music.

> Who's going to be happy with any upstart who comes in to change it?  
> Recall
> the nasty complaints when Simon started playing with them?  How people 
> still
> complain about Rabbit?

Little different. I don't recall specific complaints about Simon, but 
adding a couple of "minor players" for color here and there don't 
bother me.  I'm not going to try to craft a solution that will satisfy 
everyone.  My point is that when two out of four major-player niches 
have been relegated to support status there's too much of an effect for 
me to ignore.  Pete and Roger are phenomenal performers, but they can't 
produce the equivalent of two performances each.

> I personally think that anyone already established who's considering 
> the
> bass player position will recall how Kenney Jones places in The Who's
> legacy--and back away hastily.  It's a nasty spot to be in.

Well, Pino's well on the way to joining Kenney in that nasty place, as 
far as I can tell, so I don't see what there is to lose.  Again, 
speaking for myself, I would welcome a bass player with the balls and 
the talent to step up and accept the rights and responsibilities of 
musical equality -- musical, not financial -- with Pete and Roger.  No 
bass player capable of doing that could possibly be either ignorant or 
disrespectful of the shoes s/he was filling.  I'd hope the fans would 
be realistic and, dare I say, generous enough to welcome such a player. 
  Of course, the precondition is that Pete and Roger would accept such a 

"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."  --Pete 
Townshend, 1967

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