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Wed Jun 9 20:08:10 CDT 2004

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> What's so spiritual about QUADROPHENIA?

Not a great deal, I think.  Except...

> > Drowned is indeed a spiritual song.
> It's more suicidal than spiritual, IMO.

Drowned belongs in the pantheon of great Who songs, in my opinion, but I'm
not sure I've ever understood it.  Who are the men fishing and where,
exactly, are they "high up"?  Are they seekers, fishing for answers, diving
down for pearls of wisdom?  Getting back to the ocean certainly sounds like
dying to me.  But it's more than that.  The ocean always struck me as the
collective consciousness from which we all spring and, in dying, return to.
Pete describes himself as water (remember that fun thread?) in various
forms, from a baby's tear to the steam in a locomotive.  He flows, boils and
even ripples.  The sea washes over him and sets him free.  From what?  Life?
It's beautiful, but what does it mean?

> > Even so, there are few of Townshend heroes less spritual than
> > Jimmy.
> Oh, c'mon.  QUAD is aboud adolescent anger & confusion.  A
> young person trying to fit into his immediate society.  Jimmy would
> tell an authoritative God to "Fuck off!" at the drop of a hat.

Wait, aren't you agreeing?

> "I ended up with the preacher, full of lies & hate.  I seemed to
> scare him a little, so he showed me to the golden gate."
> Spiritual quest over.


Jim M

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