Pete, Pino and spotlight

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Wed Jun 9 19:30:42 CDT 2004

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> So what does that mean?  Do you think he may be purposely keeping the bass 
> low so he will get the spotlight?  Has he ever needed any help? Why did he 
> tell 
> Pino to play as loudly as he can bear from the jump?
> Pete is the most exciting part of the band to me no matter what the 
> configuration from 64- now. But I'd like some big bass please.
> Jon in Mi.

I can't believe he's keeping the bass low to keep more of the spotlight.  
Even if the bass is up, it takes no spotlight away from Pete.  People are going 
to watch Pete and Roger, and to an extent, Zak, but no one will be watching 
Pino.  He's back in the dark, for God's sake.  Just turn him up so the band will 
SOUND better.  There are actually more people on the stage now than ever 
before with The Who (aside from 89), so I agree with you, the spotlight theory 
doesn't seem to hold water.


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