Scott Schrade schrade at
Wed Jun 9 17:40:11 CDT 2004

> > And why is "the buzz" - that purportedly unknowable response - only re-
> > ferred to in reference to *good* feelings, like Who concerts?  No one
> > speaks of intangibles when it comes to bad behavior, like genocide or
> > rape.
> Oh, yeah they do.  Ask some of those guys why they do it.  You think Jeffrey 
> Dahmer didn't get a buzz out of killing people?  Ick.

So, the spiritual buzz of a Who concert is akin to the adrenaline buzz of a
murderer?  One's just a good spiritual buzz & the other is a bad spiritual buzz?
What about the buzz felt at a Nazi rally?  Bad spiritual buzz, right?

Do you see how insane this all is?  

> I'd stop short of unknowable, but durn, those guys researching it have got a 
> looooong way to go. 

Maybe so, but at least they're on the path of reality & not fantasy.  Scientists
just discovered the gene responsible for prostate cancer - without any help
from the "language" of philosophy, spirituality, or the paranormal.  Where 
exactly do the answers lie again?

> When are you going to get into psychology?  Eh?  Jung and Freud are 
> respected scientists.  :)

Are you kidding?  Freud's antiquated theories are mostly laughed at by 
today's psychologists.

> Scott, I think you're mistaking me here.  I was a science major in college, 

Where?  The University of Carlos Castaneda?  ;-) 

> Human science at its current level falls WAY short of explaining what 
> happens in the Universe.

First, that statement is complete rubbish, & second, who's done more to
explain the universe?  Spiritual philosophers or scientists?  Give me a break.

(I love debating with you, Keets.  No harsh offense intended.  Only mild 
offense.)   ;-)

- SCHRADE in Akron

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