Selling out.....on Pino?

Scott Schrade schrade at
Wed Jun 9 17:07:51 CDT 2004

> I'm the leader of a movement!  (?)

<insert "bowel movement" joke here>

> > I saw/heard this because I don't smoke and didn't need to go outside! 
> > Reason  #67.
> Wish he had just gotten on with it then!
> The introduction lasted well past at least *my* attention span.  ;-)
> I'm not a smoker, I just play one on Who tour.
> But, that back deck was the Shizzle.

Yeah, I was there to talk with other Who fans, not listen to some dude play
his acoustic guitar.  Sod that.

> Welcome Simon!


Simon's been on the list for quite some time.

> Guess we should start calling Pino "The Silent One."

He could have his own catch-phrase:  "Where's the bass??!!"

- SCHRADE in Akron

John Kerry For President

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