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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Wed Jun 9 16:13:23 CDT 2004

> You couldn't be more wrong about Who By Numbers! 


Ah, I don't know. I can be pretty wrong when I want

> This album was about seeking relevance in middle

Ummm, well...I don't know if I'd call that a spiritual
quest. What I meant was the songs no longer were about
spirituality. I'm willing to accept this argument:

> I get the feeling that he is commenting on how his
quest has failed thus far

Although I'm not sure I agree. WBN I think was
intentionally more of a social album than a spiritual
one. More grounded, more down to earth, more about
day-to-day life. I could make the same argument about
Quad (which I'm listening to at the moment), except I
had my wings clipped when I said there were no
spritual songs on it and was then convinced that
Drowned is indeed a spiritual song. Even so, there are
few of Townshend heroes less spritual than Jimmy. Even
the Glow Girl is reincarnated!

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