Sticks in the Air / McVicar

Frate, Chris (EM, PTL) Chris.Frate at
Wed Jun 9 12:05:12 CDT 2004

>Absolutely. And it was disappointing when he dropped
>it, with Who By Numbers, and just wrote an ordinary
>Rock album.

You couldn't be more wrong about Who By Numbers! This album was about
seeking relevance in middle age! Listen to the lyrics, and you will see that
Pete is trying to figure out where to go from where he's been (except, of
course, Squeeze Box). I get the feeling that he is commenting on how his
quest has failed thus far, and wondering if all his hard work has furthered
him spiritually or as a person relating to others. I don't really have time
to get into specifics, because I'm at work, but I'm sure others will happily
fill in the blanks here later on - unless of course everyone else disagrees
with me.

-Chris in Cleveland

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