Selling out.....on Pino?

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Wed Jun 9 13:48:08 CDT 2004

>From: Alan McKendree <amck at>
>Subject: Re: Selling out.....on Pino?
>> Look at his diary entry where he first mentions WHO2.
>> He literally states that band that "supports Roger and me."
>Right.  More and more fans are pointing this out.

I'm the leader of a movement!  (?)

>And I'm much closer 
>than I was before to adopting Marcus Surrelius's position that the band 
>shouldn't be using the name The Who.

I think Pete feels it too.
He's just about said it.

>Tour and do the songs, no 
>question.  But call it the Pete Show.  Or the Pete Townshend Show 
>featuring Roger Daltrey.

Pete anger alert!  Pete anger alert!  ;-)

Why not just Who2 ?

>Or Big Bad Blob, I don't care.  But I do know 
>I'd feel better about going to the shows if they were billed as 
>something else.

It can't be The Who if it's not a complete band.
It's a duo with support.

>And practically speaking, I have to wonder how hard it 
>would be to get excellent tickets for a Pete Townshend Show as opposed 
>to a Who show.

Ahhh, ya selfish bugger.

Hey, why you keep calling it the "Pete Townshend Show?"
Why not the "Roger Daltrey Show?"

>but just wants 100% 
>of the attention that he wants :-).  With Roger singing, obviously the 
>audience focus will be there much of the time.  I think Pete wants to 
>be able to get the attention whenever he wants it; to control the show, 
>to jam if and when he feels like it.  Currently, that is the situation. 

Is that really different then it's always been?

>No one on stage can take the attention away from him when he has it, 
>and bluntly, no one can show him up and get as big an ovation as he.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
I mean, much of that *is* justified.
He *is* the song writer.
He *is* the lead musician, and only musician left from the originals.

>That's another point in favor of hiring Jack Bruce, or 
>the moral equivalent, on bass.  Someone who could push the music and 
>play up to Pete's level, but for whom there would be no question of 
>needing a piece of  The Who's mantle for their own.  Bill it as The Who 
>with Jack Bruce (or Flea, etc.), if you like, just to make it clear.

Ahhhh, you can dream with the best of 'em too!

BTW, good to see you again at Hurley's.

>From: "L. Bird" <pkeets at>
>Subject: RE: Selling out.....on Pino...
>Some of the reports from Birmingham 
>noted the great chemistry between Zak and Pete.

Funny, both Stu and I mentioned how we noticed a greater amount of communication between the two at MSG.

>From: "Jim M" <petenotped at>
>Subject: Re: Selling out.....on Pino...
>It's almost as if they know we're going to bitch about *something*.  Keeping
>Pino hidden in the shadows and his sound turned down low gives us as little
>to bitch about as possible.

That makes as much sense as missing NY when you *knew* Scott, Jon, and especially (me) I would be there.

>From: Keithjmoon70 at
>Subject: Pete Vs Zak
>This guy told us some fascinating things.  What I like most is that he said 
>that the Pete we think we know is who he really is.
>I saw/heard this because I don't smoke and didn't need to go outside! Reason 

Wish he had just gotten on with it then!
The introduction lasted well past at least *my* attention span.  ;-)

I'm not a smoker, I just play one on Who tour.
But, that back deck was the Shizzle.

>From: "simon malia" <malias40 at>
>Subject: Query: Sticks in the Air / McVicar

Welcome Simon!

>(Mind you, I was standing right in front of Pino 
>and I still could barely hear him!)

Guess we should start calling Pino "The Silent One."

Kevin in VT

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