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Wed Jun 9 11:59:10 CDT 2004

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked at>
>Subject: Re: Selling out.....on Pino?
>> But, things have clearly changed.
>> Before John's death, it was The Who.  A living,
>> breathing band.  A unit.
>> Now, however, it is not.
>YES! You have SEEN the LIGHT! Hallelujah!

Ahhh, not so quick, oh recruiter to the church of "it's not The Who."

Just because John's dead doesn't mean it has to be the way it is.
After seeing the MSG show, and the way they now have themselves physically placed, it's apparent.
But, they could just as easily bring Pino back up, turn him up, let him off his leash, and actually interact with him, and my opinion would change.

>Pass the collection plate.

The Who don't take no collections.
Come on Mark, join together with the band.  ;-)

>> And, really WHY NOT???
>Because it's making those in the spotlight look like
>moneymongers instead of artists.

Don't agree.
At all.
And, it might change with a new album that will include the participation of Zak and Pino (doubt it.)

>> I can completely understand Pete wanting to simply
>> be on stage with people he is comfortable with,
>He's played with Tony Butler before. You've seen him
>doing it, on the Let My Love Open The Door video.

Can't you do something about that???

BTW, Simon only produced the HP commercial.
Kevin in VT

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