Query: Sticks in the Air / McVicar

simon malia malias40 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 9 10:51:06 CDT 2004


I'm on digest - so I hope I'm not butting in on another of those discussions 
regarding "The Seeker" thread.

Fascinating stuff. Personally, I think Pete's "spiritual" quest is what has 
informed much of his best work from "Tommy" onwards - and that 
"Quadrophenia" is the high-point of his attempts to reflect that quest in 
his work.

Now, onto my own (much less exalted) quest: I'm putting together a CDr 
compilation for the car, and I'm onto Volume 5 - 1979 onwards. Now - I know 
Kenney Jones played drums on the "McVicar" soundtrack, and the vinyl album 
sleeve credits other musicians inc. Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and 
Rabbit. What it does NOT do is list which musicians played on which track.

Does anyone know whether Pete, John, Kenney and Rabbit played togther on any 
of the tracks?

Also - I'm trying to find a quote from Roger, one in which he says something 
along the lines of "The Who's live sound was hard to capture properly on 
record because often there'd be arms whirling through and sticks in the air 
when they should really have been on strings or hitting the drums."

Does he say this to camera - or is it one which appeared in print? Any 

Help gratefully accepted - and deeply appreciated.

My ears are still (just about) ringing after the Birmingham gig the other 
night - they still have it! (Mind you, I was standing right in front of Pino 
and I still could barely hear him!)

Simon in Liverpool

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