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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 9 08:25:11 CDT 2004

> Why try to look for your presents before Christmas?


DAMN that's a good way to put it! Good one!

> What is God without man?

As Andy Partridge of XTC said: "Did you make
mankind/After we made you..."

> The Seeker is a sufi concept, meaning the way by
which a person move from the gravity of his lower self
to ascend to a higher state.


And there's nothing wrong with that. Even an atheist
can aspire to ascend to a higher level of
consciousness. One would hope. Although I've noticed
the current leaders of the US seem bound and
determined to take the US backwards in this regard.
People who think above personal gain are not only
frowned on, but derided and ridiculed. And the saddest
part is: some people are buying into it.

> But that's another thing that bothers me about
religion.  Which degree of spirituality gets you 
into God's kingdom?


Religion was created by man, and thus far I have yet
to find anything created by man which wasn't flawed in
some way. What bothers me is that some thing a "loving
God" demands such anti-human nature behavior or else
one finds oneself "burning for eternity in a lake of
fire." It's always seemed to me that God would make it
easy to find him...not almost impossible. And it would
therefore follow that there are many roads to
God...not just one narrow footpath.

> processes are taking place.  Do mood altering drugs
> like Prozac, pot, acid,
> etc. work on a spiritual, other worldly level?

I'll do some research and get back to you. Heh heh

> I agree completely.  Ever since I read a very
> beautiful and moving book about the life of Krishna
> two years ago, I've only been even more confirmed
> that all religions are just different pathways tothe
> same
> supreme force.


It only makes sense, doesn't it! Unfortunately history
teaches us religion is most often hijacked to use for
personal power...whether it's the mother saying God
told her to drown her children or Bush saying "God
wanted him to be President" (God must be thrilled at
the death count) or bin Laden using his to inspire
(and fool) his followers. It's all the same insanity.
And while I completely agree with Scott when he says
religion has been a civilizing influence...it has also
been the reason for far too many deaths for no other
reason than someone doesn't completely agree with
someone else.

> understanding it, then when 
> are they going to come up with a cure for
> depression?


The Who is an excellent cure for depression. Pot isn't
bad either, especially with a little gin. Put them all
together and you've got one happy camper.

RE-defeat Bush in 2004!

Cheers         ML

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