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Did it have anything to do with Pete playing on the kit before the encore in

I heard about that one!  But this was a reference to a conversation between 
the guest speaker (Jeff Slate, who is a dude that Pete sort of befriended in NY 
in the early 90s) and Pete during a cab ride.  It was hilarious.  He sad that 
here he was arguing with Pete Townshend in a taxi about who was the better 
drummer, Pete himself or Zak!  He gave the impression that Pete was actually 
arguing in his own favor seriously.  He said something to Pete like, "Pete, 
you're a pretty good drummer, but you're not as good as Zak Starkey!" to which Pete 
continued to argue that he was the better.  The cab driver, knowing who Pete 
was laughed at this apparent nobody contending with Pete about his drumming!  
What a scene that must've been.

This guy told us some fascinating things.  What I like most is that he said 
that the Pete we think we know is who he really is.

I saw/heard this because I don't smoke and didn't need to go outside! Reason 

Jon in Mi.

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