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Wed Jun 9 06:06:43 CDT 2004

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> I personally think that anyone already established who's considering the
> bass player position will recall how Kenney Jones places in The Who's
> legacy--and back away hastily.  It's a nasty spot to be in.

It's almost as if they know we're going to bitch about *something*.  Keeping
Pino hidden in the shadows and his sound turned down low gives us as little
to bitch about as possible.  Or, maybe I should say, fewer people even
notice him and think to complain.

One of the guys I went to Mansfield with is a working keyboard player.  I
tapped him and asked "is there a bass player on stage?"  He replies like I
was serious, "yeah, he's over there."  And that seemed fine with him.  He
said something like "he's doing OK, at least he's not fucking up."  Maybe
that's what a lot of people want.  They came to hear Pete and Roger, not
some guy on bass.

> As for the future, the new players will pay their dues and eventually
> appreciated by fans.  I saw some calls this week for Zak to lead off on
> jams the way Moon used to do it.  That means he's paid his dues and proved
> he can fill the chair, and now the fans are ready for him to take over
> of the spotlight.  Maybe Pete is too.  Some of the reports from Birmingham
> noted the great chemistry between Zak and Pete.

Zak is the perfect example of how it can work well.  You get the right guy
and the fans will embrace him as part of the band.  Of course, drums are a
lot harder to downplay than bass or keyboards.  I mean, bass may be
important to The Who's sound, but drums are critical.  Even the most
nonchalant fan will notice the drums.

Jim M

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