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L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Jun 8 22:53:59 CDT 2004

>I think Pete wants to be able to get the attention whenever he wants it; to 
>control the show,
to jam if and when he feels like it.  Currently, that is the situation.   No 
one on stage can take the attention away from him when he has it, and 
bluntly, no one can show him up and get as big an ovation as he.

This is just as it ought to be when Pete and Roger are the original members 
and the creative force behind the band.  Not only do they have seniority and 
thus deserve the most credit, but they built the music from scratch over a 
forty year period and they know how they want it played.  It's theirs.  
Who's going to be happy with any upstart who comes in to change it?  Recall 
the nasty complaints when Simon started playing with them?  How people still 
complain about Rabbit?

I personally think that anyone already established who's considering the 
bass player position will recall how Kenney Jones places in The Who's 
legacy--and back away hastily.  It's a nasty spot to be in.

As for the future, the new players will pay their dues and eventually ecome 
appreciated by fans.  I saw some calls this week for Zak to lead off on the 
jams the way Moon used to do it.  That means he's paid his dues and proved 
he can fill the chair, and now the fans are ready for him to take over more 
of the spotlight.  Maybe Pete is too.  Some of the reports from Birmingham 
noted the great chemistry between Zak and Pete.

>So what does that mean?  Do you think he may be purposely keeping the bass
low so he will get the spotlight?  Has he ever needed any help? Why did he 
Pino to play as loudly as he can bear from the jump?

>Pete is the most exciting part of the band to me no matter what the
configuration from 64- now. But I'd like some big bass please.

I haven't heard much comment about the bass at Birmingham--turned up loud 
for the solos, but that's all I heard.  On the file Matt posted it sounds 
plenty loud--but was that just because Matt was close to the stage?


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