L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 8 19:41:35 CDT 2004

>hell, since politics makes this list good (as someone pointed
out): i'm sorry that after over 800 soldiers and over a thousand iraqi
civilians have been killed, the UN NOW wants to hand over power to the 
iraqis, and
i'm sorry bush didn't kneel when he met the pope and i'm sorry bush had a
military aide about 8 feet away while meeting the pope carrying a black box
containing codes to start a nuclear war... and i'm sorry people are praising 
even though he sent contras to nicaragua to kill everyone down there because
they were "a threat" and i'm sorry he didn't believe in the equal rights
ammendment when he took office... do your research.     think, it's 

Oh, lord.  I totally agree with you, Sandy--but politics on top of the 
religion is all we need in this discussion.  :\  (Reaganomics)

We can talk about it if everybody will promise to be really nice.  ;)


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